Highlights from our first national conference:

“Fulfilling Our Responsibility: Higher Education for the New Student Majority”

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In the News

Yes We Must Coalition Testimony to the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

September 12, 2014

American RadioWorks: The New Face of College

September 2014

American Radioworks takes on the issue of the colleges addressing our new student majority. Proud to have member Heritage University featured.



Contribute to the attainment of the 2020 national goal to increase the number of students achieving college degrees.

Be a national voice to advocate for students from low-income backgrounds and the role of institutions and organizations that effectively serve them.

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There has never been an organization for private colleges
that serve significant numbers
of students from low-income backgrounds. The very designation “private college” inaccurately denotes service to the wealthy.

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If America is to regain global economic competitiveness, if we are to enhance national security and well-being, if we are to break the
40-year stagnation in the percent of our population with college degrees, this is the population that will need to graduate from high school, go to college, and graduate from college.

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