Momentum has been building to cross other lines of institutional identity
and organize to better understand what is being done right, what more can be done, and to have a collective voice on behalf
of our students. 

There has never been an organization for private colleges that serve significant numbers of students from low-income backgrounds. The very designation “private college” inaccurately denotes service to the wealthy. To the contrary, nearly 100 small, private colleges and universities provide all the benefits of personalized, relationship-based education mainly to students from low-income backgrounds. These students are often the first in their families to attend college and are often students of color or students from rural white America.



All private, nonprofit colleges and universities with undergraduate enrollment fewer than 7,500 students and awarding Bachelor and/or Associate of Arts or Science degrees, and at least 50 percent of that student population are eligible for Pell grants, are invited to be part of the Yes We Must Coalition.

Membership dues for 2014-2015 is $1,800 per year.*

Contact Gloria Nemerowicz to discuss membership.

Associate Membership

We invite those colleges, universities and other non-profit organizations that do not qualify for membership but who support the goals of the Yes We Must Coalition, to join us as Associate members. You will receive all communications and invitations to be part of the advocacy and the sharing of information among our network.  You will receive a reduced registration fee for conferences and workshops. If you are a champion of greater equity in higher education, of improving college graduation rates for underrepresented students, and of collaborative processes that reduce college costs, please join us. Once your request for Associate membership is received, it will be circulated among members and you will be notified within 10 business days of the outcome of your request, at which time you will be asked to submit annual membership dues. Associate members agree to have their names published in Yes We Must Coalition materials.

Annual fee for organizations: $850*
Annual fee for individuals: $300*
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* Donations and membership dues to the Yes We Must Coalition are final and non-refundable.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member of the Yes We Must Coalition, please provide the following information:

Associate Membership for Organizations

Your Name
Year Founded
Size of population served (students or others)

For colleges and universities: current % of undergrad population Pell-eligible

Relationship of your organization’s mission
to the mission of the Yes We Must Coalition
Please confirm that you are a nonprofit organization
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Associate Membership for Individuals

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Thank you for your interest in the mission of Yes We Must Coalition.

* Donations and membership dues to the Yes We Must Coalition are final and non-refundable.