Plans are underway for a 2nd National Conference on October 24–26, 2018 in Austin, TX.

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October 19-20, 2016

6th Annual Membership Meeting

Metropolitan College of New York, New York, NY

Presidents and representatives of YWMC member institutions gathered at the Manhattan campus of MCNY on the first day of the meeting and at their Bronx campus on the second day. In addition to a business meeting, there were updates from members on the YWMC Collaborative Projects and conversations with three outside speakers: (pictured right) Andy Chan, Vice President for Personal and Career Development at Wake Forest University, Marybeth Gasman, Director of the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions and Professor of Higher Education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and Tim Powers, Director of Accountability and Regulatory Issues at NAICU.



November 12, 2015

5th Annual Membership Meeting

Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Roanoke, Virginia

November 11–13, 2015

Yes We Must Coalition Institute
Collaborating to Fulfill Our Responsibility
to the New Student Majority

Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Roanoke, Virginia

The goal of the Institute was to produce several collaborative projects among members aimed at improving the outcome for their students. These projects would be difficult for individual campuses to develop, implement and measure by themselves but are possible in concert with other member institutions and with the support of the Yes We Must Coalition. In addition to the value of the individual projects that are designed at the Institute, they will provide a model of cooperation and collaboration among institutions that can be replicated by others.

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April 25, 2014

4th Annual Membership Meeting

Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel, Northbrook, Illiois  

April 23–25, 2014

First National Conference

The Yes We Must Coalition presented

Fulfilling Our Responsibility:
Higher Education for the New Student Majority

This conference explored how higher education must and can better serve students from low-income/1st generation families and increase college graduation rates.

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March 22–23, 2013

3rd Annual Membership Meeting

Paul Quinn College, Dallas, TX


April 2, 2012

Roundtable Discussion with Secretary of Education
Arne Duncan

The White House, Washington, DC

Yes We Must Coalition members only.

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March 23–24, 2012

2nd Annual Membership Meeting

College of Saint Mary, Omaha, NE


March 2011

Inaugural Meeting to establish the Yes We Must Coalition

Washington, DC


March 19–20, 2010

Yes We Must Summit

Chestnut Hill, MA