Sponsors of the 2014 National Conference

We gratefully acknowledge the following organizations for support of the Yes We Must Conference.


Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation is a $3 billion private, national foundation that works to expand opportunities in America’s cities through grantmaking and investing in arts and culture, education, work in the environment, health, human services and community development efforts in Detroit. Fostering greater access to and success in postsecondary education for low-income, minority and first-generation college students is the focus of Kresge’s education grantmaking. In 2013, the Board of Trustees approved 316 awards totaling $122 million; $144 million was paid out to grantees over the course of the year. In addition, our Social Investment Practice made commitments totaling $16 million in 2013. For more information, visit kresge.org or follow @kresgedu.



Lumina Foundation is an independent, private foundation committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Lumina’s outcomes-based approach focuses on helping to design and build an accessible, responsive and accountable higher education system while fostering a national sense of urgency for action to achieve Goal 2025. For more information, visit luminafoundation.org.



Copley Retention Systems engages students on an intuitive platform and connects them with classmates, faculty, tutors, and advisers for a greater sense of community and ease of access to collaboration and information. Copley’s proven methodologies and digital tools enhance students’ educational experiences and likelihood of success from pre-admission to post-graduation. Copley Square meets the challenges of Big Data by empowering every administrator, counselor, adviser, and instructor with access to customized real time assessment reports drawing data from all information systems from LMS to CRM to SIS from any device connected to the internet. For more information, visit www.copleysystems.com.

Great Lakes

Great Lakes has been helping people build brighter futures through higher education since 1967. Today, we’re one of the nation’s leaders in education finance, managing $175 billion in student loans for the federal government and other lenders. We’ve invested nearly $100 million in our communities, through grants and initiatives that increase college access, readiness, and success for students of all backgrounds. We care about people—our employees, students, and partners—and strive to help change lives for the better. We have more than 1,500 employees who share our belief in the value of higher education. For additional information, visit mygreatlakes.org/about.

National Student Clearinghouse

The National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit organization, is the nation’s trusted source for education verification and student educational outcomes research. Over 3,500 colleges and universities, enrolling over 98% of all students in public and private U.S. institutions, participate in the Clearinghouse. Institutions provide us access to actual enrollment and degree information on each of their students. As a result, only the Clearinghouse can offer FERPA-compliant access to a nationwide coverage of enrollment and degree records. Through verification and reporting services, the Clearinghouse saves institutions cumulatively nearly 400 million dollars annually. All Clearinghouse services are provided to colleges and universities at little or no charge, including enhanced transcript and research services, enabling institutions to redistribute limited staff and budget resources to more important efforts. For more information, visit studentclearinghouse.org.

Royall & Company

For more than 20 years, Royall & Company has been the leader in strategic direct marketing for higher education. Royall partners exclusively with colleges and universities to meet and exceed their enrollment and advancement goals by delivering high-impact direct marketing that is custom-designed to address their unique challenges and deliver maximum return on investment. For more information, visit royall.com.