Student Exchange Program

students on stepsThe Yes We Must Coalition is a group of more than 30 small, private, non-profit colleges and universities that serve primarily low-income, first-generation students. The goals of the YWM Coalition are to advocate for the institutions and students in this sector of higher education and to share resources and best practices in order to enrich YWMC students’ learning experiences and increase graduation rates.

The YWMC Student Exchange Program is specifically designed to expose students from member schools to new academic and personal experiences and environments through summer and/or semester exchanges. Many students attend YWMC schools located close to their home communities and have rarely if ever been able to travel far from these communities. The YWMC Student Exchange Program provides students with the opportunity to expand their horizons by spending time at a school similar to their own in terms of size and student body but located in a variety of environments from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the urban centers of Los Angeles and Chicago.

ceramics workshopStudents participating in the YWMC Student Exchange Program are closely supported and supervised by student, staff and faculty mentors at the host institution as well as at their home institution. Their course of study may correspond to areas they have already begun to explore, including general education courses, or may introduce them to new subjects they would like to explore. Many of the exchange opportunities involve hands-on field work and collaboration with other students.

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Student Exchange Program Description (PDF)

Download the following forms to apply for the Student Exchange Program:

Student Exchange Application

Student Exchange Registration Form

For additional general information regarding the YWMC Student Exchange Program, including application procedures, contact the advisor of study away opportunities at your home institution, your academic advisor, or Nia Chester, YWMC Program Manager at: Enable JavaScript to view protected content..