The Yes We Must Coalition: By the Numbers

The following descriptive data apply to the 34 member institutions of the Yes We Must Coalition on June 30, 2018.

All Summary Data from IPEDS


These 34 schools are located in 23 different states and are evenly distributed in big cities and small towns.


Religious Affiliation

Yes We Must Membership Profile

Other Designations

  • 15% Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • 38% Minority Serving Institutions


Grand Total Enrollment
Total Undergrad Enrollment
Average First-time, Full-time (fall cohort)
Current year first-time, full-time students as percent of entering class
Incoming class (total avg.)
Admit Rate
Yield Rate
Full-time retention rate

Racial/Ethnic Background of Students

  • Compared with All 4-Year Private Colleges
  • Proportion of Native American students is 100% higher.
  • Proportion of Hispanic students is 62% higher.
  • Proportion of African-American students is 104% higher.

Other Demographics

  • 63% Women
  • 62% Pell
  • 12% Undergraduates age 25 or older

Financial Quick Facts for YWMC Institutions and Their Students

  • 98% of students at YWMC schools receive financial aid.
  • 62% of YWMC students are Pell eligible.
  • 91% of YWMC schools have an average annual cost below $25,000.
  • 59% of YWMC schools have an average annual cost below $20,000.

YWMC schools foster significant upward economic mobility of the students they serve.

  • Half of the YWMC schools ranked in the 2017 Economic Mobility study by Raj Chetteri, Stanford economist, in the top 10% of their category for overall economic mobility.
  • 5 YWMC schools are in the 5th percentile or higher in overall economic mobility.
  • 59% of YWMC students have an average salary after attending that is above the national median.


  • Average debt of degree recipients is 18.5% lower than all private institutions.
  • Average Net Price is 8% lower than all private institutions.
  • 20% more students receive financial aid than at all private institutions.
  • % Undergrads receiving Fed student loans:  77%
  • % of Undergrads awarded any financial aid:  98%