The Kresge Foundation Awards the Yes We Must Coalition $150,000

girl holding diplomaThe Yes We Must Coalition is grateful to The Kresge Foundation for a grant of $150,000 to implement “Planning for Sustainability” from October 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013. Using this support, we will work together to determine our core organiza­tional priorities, activities and budget. Part of our planning will involve consideration of the parameters of our membership and a concerted membership drive. We will also be consulting with a dozen successful non-profit organizations to learn more about how to grow membership, dues structure, fee for service possibilities, conference revenue, organizational structure and cost-saving and revenue enhancing strategies. By the end of the grant period, we will produce a 3-year Strategic Plan to help guide the future progress of the Yes We Must Coalition.

Recognition from The Kresge Foundation is strong validation of our work to develop a collaborative approach to success. Our member institutions have much to offer each other and American higher education. Through our collaboration, we can significantly impact our own graduation outcomes, our budgets and the national need for more college educated students from low-income backgrounds.